Raspberry Pi - single board computer designed to stimulate teaching basic computer science in schools. Developed Raspberry Pi Foundation

Miniature, cheap, efficient - it's hard to choose in which order should I set definitions to describe Raspberry Pi. It has a number of revolutionary properties, SBC made in England in a hurry to blow up the minds of mankind.

Miniature computers are gaining more popularity in the world. Many were mentioned earlier (Raspberry Pi, Odroid-X, FXI Cotton Candy, mini pc from Oval Elephant. From all variety is to provide a mini-computer with a straightforward name MK802 from British developer of Rikomagic.
The company introduced a single board CIRCUITCO mini-PC called the BeagleBone. In creating this device developers focused on the low cost of the final product, its broad scope. BeagleBone can be called DIY-device (Do It Yourself). Mini-computer designed for developers and enthusiasts, as it provides a set of basic functions and the owner can convert it into a tool with a narrow specialization in different industries.

Software piracy can take different forms, but you can select the 5 most common variations of it.

  • Illegal copying by end users
  • Illegal software installation on the computer hard drives
  • Making fakes
  • Violation of license restrictions
  • Internet piracy

Under software information systems means a collection of software and documentary resources for the establishment and operation of data processing systems by means of computer technology. You may choose from the biggest drivers collection for all device types

Depending on the functions performed by software, it can be divided into:

  • system programs (sometimes referred to as the basic software);
  • applications;
  • programming environment.